Diane Lade
Diane Lade, Guild Certfied Feldenkrais practitioner has been teaching Feldenkrais Method ‘Awareness through Movement’ for 19 years. She facilitates learning that makes a profound difference to the quality of your life. With care and humor, Diane can help you discover how you perpetuate patterns of pain or difficulty, and how to live, work and play differently, with more ease and self-reliance.

Diane works with people who bring a variety of complicated issues – or with individuals who simply want to live more comfortably. She brings 40 years of experience from her arts-oriented background, and studies in biology, physiology, anatomy, adding now the perspective of the effects of trauma on the nervous system, in Somatic Experiencing, the work of Peter Levine, PhD (traumahealing.com).

Diane completed her four year Feldenkrais professional training in Vancouver 1997 with Jeff Haller, PhD, Educational Director, and then again participated as a supporting aide in the Victoria Feldenkrais Teacher Training program, 2003-2007. Diane brings her personal dedication to continued growth and study, which enriches learning for even long-time students. "I share what I’m learning in my own process of becoming more present and living life with less compulsion and more choice."

Diane studied piano and dance, as well as visual arts, so is well aware of the needs and concerns of musicians and artists. Twenty years of massage therapy practice give a good grounding in touch and the pathologies of the musculo-skeletal system, while two yoga teacher-trainings and early experience teaching yoga inform her life and work and add to the tool kit.

Diane is familiar with many issues clients bring, such as chronic pain, MS, fibromyalgia, whiplash and more. Poor posture, scoliosis and repetitive strain are common difficulties where clients have had relief and improvement. Teaching people with chronic back and knee pain, or frozen shoulder, to use the power of the back is a recurrent theme, with good result. Stimulation of bone density is also evoked by learning this self-use strategy, helpful for those with osteoporosis.

Workshops Diane has offered include:
  • Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness For Women
  • Organize to Exercise
  • Dynamic Application of ATM: Sun Salutation
  • Working With Anxiety
  • 'Between Heaven and Earth: Feldenkrais and Bellydance’, with Goldean Lowe
Arnie Lade
Arnie Lade, RAC is an internationally known acupuncturist, author and teacher specializing in energetic healing. Arnie has been in practice for 40 years, having originally trained in Polarity, massage and manipulative therapies before studying acupuncture in China in the early 1980’s. Arnie studied CranioSacral and Visceral Manipulation with osteopath and TCM doctor Dan Bensky, DO in Seattle, and graduated from the professional Seattle/Sun Valley Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program in 2001.

Arnie is well known locally for his vast clinical experience and his innovative, eclectic methods of helping clients recover their health and wellbeing, often being able to offer help and hope to people who’ve “tried everything”. A unique feature of his practice is the use of many hands-on applications along with the acupuncture. Arnie is the developer of Somatoenergetics, an integral philosophy and practice of Energy healing, which encompasses this element of touch as well, and which he has taught professionally.

Arnie has numerous books to his credit including Energetic Healing: Embracing the Life Force (1999) and Acupuncture Points: Images and Functions (1989), as well as being the coauthor of Tao and Dharma: Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (1995, with Robert Svoboda), and a contributing author of Chinese Exercises and Massage (1988).

The book Energetic Healing expresses Arnie’s personal integration of human energetic systems based on world systems both modern and ancient and interpreted through his own eclectic study and experience. He has gained a reputation as a gifted teacher who offers very practical and applicable learning to his students. He evolved a unique approach to a deeper level of experience in teaching craniosacral work with Feldenkrais Method of learning, “from the inside out”. His study of the Feldenkrais Method deeply informed all his life and work, and he began to invite clients to participate in learning as an extension of the traditional therapeutic approach.

In recent years Arnie has studied with Willigis Jaeger, Benedictine monk and Zen master, and under his direction began teaching meditation. Arnie is currently facilitating a men’s meditation group.