Diane Lade
Functional Integration

FI is a one-on-one process where a practitioner and a student enter into dialogue about the student’s particular concerns. Once the student’s goals or interests are established, the same sensory-motor exploratory process is engaged, as in ATM, but the conversation may be primarily nonverbal.

A practitioner is trained in heightened sensitivity, knowledge of hundreds of movement patterns, and the way we learn. The practitioner may use her hands to guide the student’s attention to various aspects of their experience, in a discovery of the student’s unique abilities, limitations, and potential.

The practitioner is able to effectively guide the student’s awareness into new areas of experience, opening up a breadth of new possibilities.

Students come with a vast variety of concerns:

  • wishing for freedom from chronic pain patterns
  • maintaining and improving mobility and ease while living with a disease process, eg. MS, cancer, arthritis, dystonia
  • recovering mobility and freedom after an accident
  • need to find more ease in daily activities, eg. working at the computer, playing tennis, running
  • feeling of vague dissatisfaction with “posture”
  • looking for more control over patterns of anxiety or sleeplessness
  • goal of better performance, in work, sport, music

Comments from Students