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Comments from Feldenkrais Students

“My lower back has stopped spasming and I’ve been able to cease medicating it.” “…I move with more ease [and have] new techniques for relaxation.” K. Mooers

“Last Friday's lesson with the tongue has given me a wonderful way of going to sleep. It almost happened in class. Your voice kept pulling me back. My body was as completely relaxed as I can remember.” Kate

“[Diane is] very good at presenting the theory and explaining how the method works.”

“I have experience of classes and teachers in other settings; Diane has been the most helpful and effective, also the most amusing.”

“Functional Integration with Diane has replaced other forms of massage therapy as it is gentle and effective in releasing tight muscles with long term results. I have experienced improvement in balance and neck and back pain and general understanding of how my body works (or doesn’t).” Shelly Hilditch

“My body forgets the ‘felt’ sense of a movement I want it to make… Feldenkrais reminds it... It is an ‘unlocking’ of the frozen sense of communication between my mind and body…it gives me confidence and trust that what seems to be lost is ‘sleeping’ and just needs to be reawakened from time to time… It’s as though my muscles have a loss of memory and need to be reminded on a regular basis… The feeling of release after each session takes me into deep rest and freer movement… It keeps me mobile and without it I know I would experience permanent loss a lot sooner due to atrophy.” Edna Wright, 80, living with MS

“The main point being less is more. So, for a person like me that used to think we must strive for results the work is amazing. This may sound elementary but I feel I am putting new grooves in my brain.” Honya A.

“I can tell you that I always feel better after coming away from a session with you, and that Feldenkrais is my gift to myself.” M. Martin

“This is powerful stuff! I often try to explain this method to the rather cynical people I work with who could really benefit from the practice and often I am at a loss. However, when they see how hard I work and how freely I move after two years or more at this practice they have since become intrigued.” Renee D.

“I wanted to let you know that my FI with you has been really significant for me - especially the breathing part... Today back at work I facilitated a meeting... and when the mom heard her newborn baby was going to be placed in foster care, she cried so hard that she threw up in the garbage can. One of the things that helped me in that moment was just a glance of attention to my breathing with that FI in mind, and I think it really helped.” Johanna Rayman, Feldenkrais practitioner, Portland, Or.