Diane Lade

Awareness Through Movement

ATM is the group process Dr. Feldenkrais developed to allow individuals to explore the “how” for themselves – how I sense, how I move, how I limit myself, how I learn – and much more.

Lessons are usually done on the floor, sometimes sitting or standing, and wearing comfortable clothing, in relative quiet. In a non-competitive, respectful and light-hearted atmosphere, individuals follow verbal directions to explore sensation and movement patterns, at their own pace and level of ability. There is maximum focus on self-care and developing the ability to sense more clearly for oneself, internal cues about limitations and the path of greatest ease.

Besides improving particular movement patterns and abilities, this learning generalizes into improved ways of being in the world, in acting, feeling, thinking and relating.

Rest your eyes 30 minute (audio)

Rest your eyes 16 minute (audio)

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